“Listen to the story…”

“Listen to the story…”


Centre For The Study & Dissemination Of Myths & Folktales


May 1st 2023 - April 30th 2024 (12 months)

The Cycladic Identity funded program addresses the need for acknowledging and creating awareness around the intangible cultural heritage of Kea in a contemporary and fun way, easy and accessible to younger as well as older people, combined with highlighting the natural environment, the built spaces with graphic features, and points of cultural interest.

Implementation of the program includes the production of 20 podcast stories, featuring original musical compositions, inspired by the oral tradition and mythology of Kea. These stories will be available for anyone to listen to on their mobile phone or any other electronic device, such as a tablet, laptop, etc., by scanning a QR code that will direct them to the story’s link. The QR codes will be displayed on signs positioned in prominent locations across various public places. Oral tradition and the beautiful natural landscapes are interconnected and blend harmoniously, with each side accentuating the other. Natural landmarks and local architecture converge with the treasures of oral tradition, myths and fairy tales of the island, brought to life through the art of storytelling, forming a timeline that spans from ancient times to the present day.

The implementation stages of the program are summarized as follows:

  1. Research, study, writing and editing texts.

  2. Art editing, narration, recording, sound editing.

  3. Original music composition, orchestration, performance.

  4. Design, production and placement of signage.

  5. Production of printed material, for promotion and advertising.