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This website http://www.cycladicidentity.gr (“Site”) is operated by the civil non-profit company under the name “Cycladic Identity Civil Non-Profit Company” (“Cycladic Identity”) and its use is subject to the following terms:

1. Apart from the exceptions expressly referred to (copyright of third parties, partners and institutions), all content (“Content”) of the “Site”, including texts, images, drawings, videos, graphics, software applications, services provided and in general all files and data of the website, constitutes the intellectual property of “Cycladic Identity” and is protected pursuant to the relevant provisions of Greek law, in particular Law 2121/1993 (“Intellectual Property, Related Rights and Cultural Matters”), as amended and in force, to the European law and the relevant international conventions.

2. “Cycladic Identity” encourages the private use of the “Site” and the “Content” for personal information, as well as use for educational or research purposes. Use within the context of a business, service or organization does not constitute private use. For educational or research purposes only, the reproduction or storage of individual pages or data is permitted, provided that the origin of these pages or data being the “Site” (http://www.cycladicidentity.gr) is indicated and that the names of the authors (if they appear on the “Site”) are mentioned, without in any way affecting the relevant intellectual property and industrial property rights. However, users should be aware that certain files or data may constitute the intellectual property of third parties (partner institutions, organizations, companies, etc.), and may not be used without the permission of these third parties (which may be indicated in the relevant indication on the “Site”).

3. The storage, reproduction, republication, transmission or distribution of any part of the “Content” for commercial purposes or for any other use not covered by paragraph 2 is strictly prohibited.

4. The storage, reproduction, republication, transmission or distribution of registered trademarks or service marks of “Cycladic Identity” as well as trademarks of affiliates appearing on the “Site” is strictly prohibited.

5. The “Content” of the “Site” is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to those implying merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Under any circumstances, including negligence, “Cycladic Identity” shall not be liable for any form of damage or virus attack suffered by the user of the pages of the “Site”, who makes such use on his/her own initiative and with knowledge of the terms hereof.

6. “Cycladic Identity” declares that it makes and will make every reasonable effort, without warranting, however, that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption and errors, and any errors will be corrected.

7. “Cycladic Identity» does not warrant and is not responsible in any way for the content, privacy policy, completeness and quality of service and security of other websites that are interconnected to the “Site” through “links”, nor for the servers through which the “Site” and other websites are made available to you.

8. The Newsletters which the user of the services of the “Site” receives by subscribing to the mailing lists constitute the intellectual property of “Cycladic Identity” and are therefore protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law and international conventions.

9. The personal data provided by the user for the subscription to the newsletter, for the participation in seminars or for the registration as a Member, are included in the files of “Cycladic Identity”, are used exclusively for the best service and information and are not in any way reproduced or made available to third parties. If the user does not wish to have their details archived, they must notify us in writing within 10 days. In any case, the user may exercise the rights referred to in the Cycladic Identity Privacy Policy in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679/EU), Greek Law 4624/2019 and the relevant national and European legislation on the protection of personal data.

10. “Cycladic Identity” reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use of the “Site» at any time and without prior notice and to publish them on this page. Therefore, please visit this page regularly.